Gresham is located on the main western railway line, west of Bathurst. Gresham’s main claim to fame is this is where the western line changes from single track operations to double track operations. Although greatly reduced in relevance today, it is still an excellent vantage point to watch trains roll by, even if it is incredibly cold (We can attest to this, just ask us how).

The layout is based on the hamlet as it existed on19 May, 1982, just after a rain storm has passed. However, it is possible to see more modern trains passing through.

The trains operating on the layout consist of both ready-to-run and kit built locomotives, as well as rolling stock from the same sources. The track is Peco code 55 on the visible section, with Tomix code 80 in the storage yard. The layout is operated using DCC. All signals (made by Dapol) and points are powered. All buildings are scratch built, as are all the trees.

Gresham was first exhibited at the 2023 Canberra Exhibition, and is now our main Australian prototype exhibition layout.

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